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As a service company specializing in management of records and information, China Trust Records Management is the first domestically-funded professional records management domestic enterprise in the country which is approved by the government and verified by Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce and which has obtained its formal title of "China Trust Records Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd". As a professional records management company, China Trust offers a complete set of comprehensive service to its clients, tailoring solutions for specific needs of each client, so it can help you optimize management of records, simplify legal procedures, enhance the security of storage of records and save your company's costs.

With the rapid development of China's economy, outsourcings which can help enterprises assemble resources, realize optimized configuration of resources, save management costs and strengthen companies' core competitiveness have manifested their advantages in modern enterprise competition. Adhering to the company's management philosophy of "Sincerity Fundamental, Customer First, Win-win Development" and with a professional management team, China Trust Records Management is committed to perfecting its service and creating new products continuously, satisfying every enterprise's needs for records management outsourcing service, actively exploring new business models, creating values for business partners and taking on its social responsibilities.

We offer a free consultation service and are happy to advise which services would offer the most effective records management strategy plan for your business. 
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