Document Imaging

Converting Your Documents Into Digital Files - Document imaging is new way to store records, which can convert all kinds of records resources into digital records information. In such a rapid distent information universe, it is inevitable that enterprises are faced with a geometric increase of data; in addition, with the development of network and information technology, it has become the general tendency to make the records informationize. China Trust document imaging service is to help you store your document information through convert your paper documents into digital files through scanning, entering, etc, which then will be stored in computer data base or other carriers in electronic form.

  • Batch Scanning Service

    Generally records information exists in paper document form, and there is a huge amount of them occupying a lot of office space, as a result it is not convenient for employees to manage the records and search the information they want. To resolve this problem, China Trust Records Management provide you with whole records digitalization service, which includes records handover, records sorting, catalogue compilation, document scanning, character recognition, image processing, data proofreading, data quality control, data linking, and training for electronic file management system, etc.

  • Electronic File Management System

    China Trust electronic file management system will manage your recoeds efficiently. And wherever you are, you can consult, manage and use them conveniently and timely, what's more, they occupy very little space in your office. All in all, they will allow you to securely realize information sharing, enhance information safety factor and greatly increase your work efficiency.

  • Professional Team

    Adopting advanced OCR scanning technology, our personnel are able to convert your paper documents into electronic files quickly and accurately. Then we will offer quick searching service for your electronic files through inputting key words into the system as "data tag" or "media tag". After scanning, your documents can be saved in several different formats and can be downloaded on line.

  • Scan-On-Request Service

    As for document materials which have been inputted into China Trust Records Management's database, we can also offer quick scanning and selecting for reading service. Authorized by our clients, our professional technical personnel will pick up their record files and scan them quickly, then we will send to the clients the information they need in the form of E-mail, at the same time, we can copy the information and store them into a optical disk or scan the documents and securely sent them to our client's personal on-line directory so that they can be picked up again.