• Cost Saving For Office Rents

    Cost savings is the most basic benefit for a company using CTrust. Optimise your office space and reduce the area allocated to document storage. Comparing high office rents with CTrust affordable storage fee, you can except to save more than 60% office rents
    by outsourcing document storage to us.

  • Space Saving & Improve Office Environment

    Many companies use us because the space in their offices has reached a critical mass. Moving documents to CTrust frees up office space so you can create a safer and more comfortable office environment.

  • Reduce Time, Manpower & Equipment

    By outsourcing to CTrust, you can reduce unnecessary time, manpower, training, filing cabinets and maintenance. Then you can free up your staff’s time and allow them to focus on your company’s core business.

  • Gain More Control & Efficiency

    Many clients use us to help increase their efficiency. CTrust’s advanced barcode tracking system and courier service ensure secure and quick delivery.
    This can gain more control of your records, and saves time,
    energy and resources.

  • Better Storage Conditions

    If you put the documents in poor facilities with no environmental control, then your records requiring long-term storage at risk. CTrust has state of the art facilities with advanced environmental control systems.

  • Improve Information Security

    By getting your documents offsite with a trusted vendor like CTrust, then you protect your company’s information asset. CTrust facilities are protected by sophisticated security procedures and a high-tech infrastructure.
    So outsource your documents can avoid the risk from
    theft or employee misconduct.