Information Back-up

Secure Information Back-up - China Trust Records Management's high-end data base is intended for all kinds of clients' electronic media data. Your data magnetic tape back-up, hard disks and optical disks will be stored in a safe high-end management zone, ensuring the secure and perfect protection of the clients' valuable assets. This service is an important part of the company's disaster preparedness plans, in case of emergency; China Trust Records Management will return the client's data like disks, etc to the client timely so that the client can immediately use the back-up data to recover the company's normal operation.

  • Vital For Disaster Recovery

    Since any company can be exposed to risks of suffering damages or losses resulting from all kinds of disasters, such as computer paralysis, earthquake, flood, fire, typhoon, etc, electronic data back-up in another place has become an important part of contemporary companies' disaster preparedness plan. In case that you suffer one of these disasters, we will immediately deliver the back-up of your data to you so as to help you recover your company's normal operation.

  • Backup Rotation Services

    Our professional personnel will come to your office timely at your request to collect your updated back-up data; the magnetic tapes will be put into a specially designed box and safely delivered to our data management center for storage. We will return out-of-date magnetic disks to you so that you can use them repeatedly. This circular service ensures your company's important data can be backed up securely and conveniently and stored in another place, making the operation of your company has nothing worry about.

  • Environmental Control

    Your company's electronic data will be stored in our high-end database which is intended for storage of data information such as data magnetic tapes, computer hard disks, servers, optical disks, films, etc. that require high environmental conditions; therefore we have taken high security precautions for the database, and created an anti-magnetic, constant temperature and constant humidity ideal storage environment to ensure proper protection of your data.

  • Management System

    Every magnetic disk has a barcode specially designed by China Trust, you can use the barcode system to track and manage your data whereby you can locate your magnetic tapes and the detailed states of them at any time. What's more, the high-end management system can help further protect clients' data from being leaked and provide clients with superior service.