File Management Solutions and Consulting

Document management advice - Expert advice

No matter how good the indoor archive and document management system also need to constantly evaluate and update, this is an expensive, time-consuming and variable process, so the more More and more companies choose to cooperate with Watson. Watson's rich experience and professional staff will help you upgrade and upgrade existing systems, cost-effective.

First, Watson will visit you free of charge to discuss and evaluate your existing system, such as the number of documents required to extract the frequency and storage life. It also helps you check whether your existing storage facilities meet employee safety, document confidentiality, temperature control, and fire protection requirements.

On this basis, Watson will provide you with a tailored solution to help you improve the efficiency of document management to reduce costs. The program involves risk assessment, budget, time control, cooperation procedures and many other aspects to ensure that the entire transformation process is smooth and orderly.

Scheduled Reports - Provide Up-to-Date Archives

Watson can provide real-time reports based on customer requirements, such as the status of all stored documents and storage and other details. At the same time Watson to provide cost control consulting for the customer's information on the overall assessment of the situation in accordance with the needs of customers designed to minimize the risk of information management programs in the implementation of the program to provide advice and help. The interests of customers above all else, we are always ready to provide you with the optimization of the document management strategy recommendations.

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