Confidential Destruction

Secure, Safe and Confidential Destruction Of Documents - It has always been a topic that many companies are concerned about to prevent their sensitive documents from being lost. As for those old sensitive confidential documents, we offer a complete set of secure destruction service, our professional employees will fulfil the whole process from collecting records at the beginning then to transportation and finally to destruction of the records.

  • Security

    It's very important to ensure that a company's records are securely destructed, because if the company's information is leaked to others, it may result in immeasurable loss or even a fatal blow to the company. Moreover, most of the leakages
    of companies' information are due to
    delayed and improper destruction.

    The destruction service we offer can ensure you that your documents will be destructed confidentially, securely, professionally and strictly in accordance with national information security standards. The whole process of destruction will be carried out and completed by our employees under the monitoring of video recorders. During the destruction process, we attach great importance to business secrets of the documents, clients' privacy as well as the integrity and security of sensitive documents. The destruction process we design will ensure a confidential, standard, secure and proper destruction of your documents.

  • Destruction Container

    China Trust Records Management will provide you with a professional destruction container with lock to be placed at your office, whenever you have documents needed to be destructed, you can directly put them into the destruction container for secure keeping, subsequently our employees will arrive at your office periodically to get the documents in the destruction container and securely transport the documents to our destruction center for destruction, after that we will hand over a formal destruction certificate to your office.

  • Regular Rotation

    As for clients who need to regularly destruct documents, we will at their requests arrive at their offices and collect the materials needed to be destructed at the time appointed by them, usually every week or every month. We will first come to the client's office and open the destruction container to take out the destruction bag which has been filled with documents and replace it with new empty one, then the destruction container will be locked up and the destruction bag filled with documents will be securely transported to
    China Trust Records Management Destruction
    Center for destruction.

  • Efficiency

    Our timely and highly-efficient document destruction service further enhances the security of destructions of your documents, what you need to do is to contact our customer service personnel and appoint the destruction time, then our personnel will arrive at your office on time and timely complete the destruction of your documents at our destruction center. You can have your documents destructed conveniently ,
    simply and securely without going through
    complicated procedures and process.

  • Media Destruction

    Electronic data stored in the like magnetic tapes, optical disks, soft disks, microforms, PowerPoint, etc, will not be completely and securely destructed through simple removal or deletion, the most complete and effective way to remove the electronic data is smash it thoroughly. Our destruction machine can destroy the data thoroughly into small pieces, particles or even powder, ensuring secure and complete destruction of your electronic data.

  • Destruction Certificate

    After completion of secure destruction of clients' data, China Trust Records Management will issue a formal destruction certificate to them, which certifies that the data has been destructed securely and thoroughly. We can also offer the on-site destruction video to clients at their requests.