Courier Service

Safe, Secure, Reliable Delivery Of Your Document & Tape - We have our own professional transportation team for transport our clients’ data whereby we can deliver paper documents, magnetic tapes and destructed data to you round the clock and we can also provide you with other value-added services that you need. During the whole delivery process, we have strict delivery sheet which has been signed and process which allows you to track your data materials in the whole journey for the barcode is attached to all the transmissive data information.

For us, what we are carrying are not simply the documents but also a kind of trust and responsibility; therefore we will be very proud of ourselves whenever we succeed in securely delivering our clients’ materials to them.

  • Vehicles

    China Trust Records Management is equipped with its own vehicle and transportation team bearing the company logo, ensuring punctual delivery of your documents to you. What's more, we are equipped with an emergency vehicle waited for emergency delivery of our clients at any time, further ensuring timely delivery of our clients' materials to them.

  • Delivery Team

    Our transportation team can provide round-the-clock dispatching and pick-up service to our clients the whole year. All of our delivery personnel are well-trained,
    and they wear China Trust Records Management's
    uniforms and their own employee cards
    during every service so that they can be conveniently verified by our clients. Our professional, enthusiastic, hard-working and committed delivery personnel are delivering our immutable commitment and mission to our clients everyday.

  • Tracking & Management

    Only our clients' authorized personnel who show identification codes to us can place orders. Clients can inform our customer service personnel by fax or email, then we will deliver the documents or magnetic tapes to our clients according to their requirements, at the same time our delivery personnel will carry a delivery list to the clients for checking and signing in every service. All the records or magnetic tape transferred bear barcodes, so they can be tracked by our barcode system during the whole service, ensuring that our clients' data materials are secure during the process of delivery.