Document Storage

Secure Document Storage - China Trust Records Management's data storage centre is intended for long-term secure storage of records, storing your records into this data management centre safely and expediently will save your office room, management time and increase the security of storage of your records, and allow you to have more extra time and energy to do other more important things.

  • Boxes Storage

    Your paper documents can be stored into the China Trust record boxes which are specialized made for you. This boxes storage intends for long-term storage of records, the special structure of double paper boards ensures its security and durability, what's more, every box has its own barcode and is possessed of lock-up function, which further enhances the security and secrecy of the storage of your documents.

  • File Storage

    File storage mainly applies to the clients who take away documents frequently. In order to help clients better understand and manage the documents in the boxes, we offer the storage service which uses file as its unit, every file has its own file barcode so that it will be convenient for clients to consult every file at any time.

  • Cataloguing & Packing

    Relying on our professional Cataloguing & Packing service, you can find the documents you want with ease and avoid the risk of loss of documents and thus promote your work efficiency. We have an experienced professional cataloguing team to help you manage and sort the records, ensuring you can find every document that you want by using Excel record and barcode to track documents.

  • Gain More Control Of Your Records

    China Trust Records Management can help its clients wholly manage their records by using the advanced operating inquiry system which can ensure that the clients can quickly find the documents needed and the complete record of the records management storage. As this kind of highly-efficient service can make the clients inability to accomplish through their inner function, more and more companies now turns to select us. And we are pleased to help them so that they can dedicate themselves to their core serve domains.

  • Save Space

    Outsourcing records management service can help you save more office space so that you can offer a more comfortable work environment for your employees. You will not get worried about where to place the increasing documents, and as your business expands, there will be no need for you to replace your office with a more spacious one.

  • Reduce Costs

    By providing outsourcing records service for you, China Trust Records Management can help you save your company's precious financial resources. With the function of resources integration, China Trust Records Management outsourcing service can help you better manage and store your records within a relatively low budget, and even help you save 60% of your spending in records.

  • Security

    Since all companies need to store a certain amount of records periodically, the security of their documents appears to be particularly important for them. Simple piling of documents may expose employees' personal safety to dangers, what's worse, unsuitable humidity and temperature can cause the documents to rotten, which will cause legal dispute for the records can not inquire sequentially. China Trust can insure your documents keep safety through advanced soft and hard equipment and professional management team.

  • Professional

    By using the barcode tracking management system China Trust Records Management can securely and accurately manage your documents and find out the positions of the documents you need just within several seconds. The data centre is equipped with CCTV monitoring system, fire-fighting alarming system and fire-fighting spraying system, besides, there are security personnel patrolling the center round the clock. Our qualified professional customer service representative will ensure that you can timely get the documents you want at any time. We are dedicated to the storage and management of records.

  • Gain Time & Increase Productivity

    After you outsource your records to our professional management team, the team will quickly find out the documents that you need
    and deliver them to you on time.